Tech for Impact: Transforming classrooms byte by byte

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  • November 27th, Wednesday, 10:45am - 11:45am
  • Ballroom 1
Shriya Sethi

Shriya Sethi

Country Director International Innovation Corps, University of Chicago

Session Description

With an overarching goal to improve learning outcomes, the draft NEP emphasises on a transition towards integrating info-communication technologies and digital literacy platforms across the education ecosystem. EdTech has been instrumental in designing effective teaching pedagogies and improving lesson delivery in classrooms, and reports peg the Indian EdTech market to touch $1.96 billion by 2021.

However, scalable impact is dependent on successful public-private collaboration in rural areas, harmonising overlapping interventions, strengthening Edtech ecosystem beyond the school environment, and alignment of technology outcomes as distinct from education outcomes. In this session, the spotlight falls on how government can partner with private sector resource providers to address such challenges and engage technology as a scalable impact tool for education in India.

Key Takeaways:

  • The popularity of Edtech has showed that technology can be a meaningful disruptor for education. What are some success factors for Edtech interventions to scale in the context of the NEP? What role do government partnerships play in achieving scale?
  • How do we prevent the overcrowding of solutions in the Edtech space? What are some ways we can streamline and standardize some of these interventions and pilots for better outcomes?
  • How can the private sector funding support the alignment of Edtech outcomes assessment across a variety of implementation strategies?


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