Opportunities for Achieving Multi-Sectoral Collaboration and Convergence

Event Details
  • November 27th, Wednesday, 4:00pm - 5:00pm
  • Ballroom 1
Anjlee Prakash

Anjlee Prakash

Chairperson Learning Links Foundation

Session Description

There are many pathways for education ecosystem players to transform the landscape in India for the better. One of the challenges of implementing a broad and comprehensive policy like the NEP is that intentional, sustainable and multilateral convergence of national, state and local actors in public and private spheres will be crucial to success.

Yet knowing that better educational outcomes depend on numerous factors that engage the community, gender, livelihoods, and health, we are seeing mixed success in the implementation and scaling up of multi-sector collaboration on the ground. Beyond the national level, there remain challenges at state and district levels for disparate stakeholders to translate the policy intent into effective and long-term partnerships that achieve results.

This plenary will seek to explore how the multi-sector action promise from the NEP can be realised in the form of collaborative work at state and district levels. It will discuss the challenges faced in mobilising cross-sector partners in collaboration, and how policymakers, private sector funders and implementing organisations can overcome these challenges to grow and sustain effective partnerships.

Key Takeaways:

  • What are the common mistakes in achieving high-level policy objectives through multisector collaboration on the ground, particularly in education at state and district levels?
  • How can we build the capacity of ground-level policymakers to break silos and form partnerships that achieve scale? What other preconditions in the education ecosystem is needed for multi-sector collaboration on the ground to achieve success?
  • How can social investment, CSR and philanthropy work with policy to catalyze the growth of effective multisector partnerships?


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