Making It Yours: Multi-stakeholder ownership of the NEP

Event Details
  • November 27th, Wednesday, 9:45am - 10:45am
  • Ballroom 1
Amitav Virmani

Amitav Virmani

CEO The Education Alliance

Session Description

Built on the foundational pillars of Access, Equity, Quality, Affordability and Accountability, the Draft National Education Policy (NEP) promises transformative impact for the education landscape of India. In anticipation of the implementation of the draft NEP, the education sector and government ministries need to be ready collaborators to each other for the NEP to be an effective catalyst for change. This session will bring together voices from public and private practitioners across the education ecosystem to examine how the new draft policy can be an impetus to find deeper synergy between the public and private sectors and explore why a sense of collective ownership over the draft NEP is important for its success.

Key Takeaways:

  • How will the different pockets of the education landscape find synergy with the draft NEP and with each other?
  • What are key partnerships, infrastructure, resources, and funding streams that need to be unlocked or strengthened to help deliver educational outcomes? What are the anticipated challenges to this?
  • With the new emphasis of the draft NEP on mobilising cross-sector partners for improved education outcomes, why is public and private collaboration, as well as intra-ministerial collaboration, now more crucial than ever before?


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