Harnessing the power of networks for impactful social investment

Event Details
  • November 28th, Thursday, 5:00pm - 5:40pm
  • Grand Ballroom
Patsian Low

Patsian Low

Chief of Staff and Policy Director AVPN

Session Description

Over the past decade, it is clear to see how important it is for social investors to break boundaries and work across various forms of capital and engage each other in partnerships to create greater impact. Networks have emerged in various forms to make such partnerships possible, connecting around specific funder types or a common issue of concern. Recognising the complexity and unique contextual challenges in education, health, livelihoods, climate, energy, collaborations and partnerships are also not effective without networks playing a role in sharing best practices and information. As we head into the next decade, this plenary of network leaders examines how social investors in India are leveraging the value of networks and how networks can be more effective levers for change.

Key Takeaways:

  • How have networks and their role evolved in India?
  • Where are the opportunities for networks to be more effective and impactful?
  • How can social investors and the rest of the social investment ecosystem better leverage networks for greater impact?


  • Ingrid Srinath

    Ingrid Srinath

    Director-Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy Centre for Social Impact & Philanthropy, Ashoka University

  • Ramraj Pai

    Ramraj Pai

    CEO Impact Investors Council

  • Sucharita Kamath

    Sucharita Kamath

    Lead, India Chapter ANDE

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