Exploring inventive ways to fund social impact through the continuum of capital

Event Details
  • November 28th, Thursday, 11:05am - 11:45am
  • Grand Ballroom
Sandeep Aneja

Sandeep Aneja

Founder & Managing Partner Kaizen Private Equity, Singapore

Session Description

In the developing markets, the governments have multiple immediate priorities to address including infrastructure, defence, financial services, sanitation, healthcare and education. The lack of resources of the government has led them to distribute the (fewer) resources across multiples sectors resulting in the inability to cater to the comprehensive development of any sector. This session will be focused on how different forms of private capital like grants, equity, debt can be mobilized using innovative methodologies like social bonds, public-private partnerships, impact funds etc.

Key Takeaways:

  • Where are the pockets of opportunities where double bottom-line can be achieved?
  • What are the ways to mobilize private capital to address developmental challenges?
  • How can public and private sector be brought together?


  • Prabu Thiruppathy

    Prabu Thiruppathy

    Principal KOIS India Investment Advisors Pvt. Ltd

  • Ashutosh Tyagi

    Ashutosh Tyagi

    Partner India Education Outcomes Fund & Head SF India Social Finance India (SFI Impact Foundation)

  • Abhijit Ray

    Abhijit Ray

    Co-founder & Managing Director Unitus Capital

  • L.M. Singh

    L.M. Singh

    Head - Impact Investments IPE Global

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