Converging Funding Streams: How innovative finance can shape the future of learning

Event Details
  • November 27th, Wednesday, 2:30pm - 3:30pm
  • Ballroom 3
Nirav Khambhati

Nirav Khambhati

Partner Kaizen Private Equity

Session Description

Impact investment in Education represents a disproportionately small percentage of the market despite being a cause that matters to social investors in India. Characterised by small deal sizes and an uneven flow of capital for different parts of the education landscape, impact investors may be perceived as holding back on investing in education. Additionally, a Brookings Institution report highlighted the presence of regulatory barriers to private investment in education, a sector typically under the purview of the government and non-profits (The promise of impact investing, 2019).

In a sector that is not traditionally financed with private sector capital, this session will discuss the progress the sector has made in engaging private sector capital for impact. It will highlight the unique challenges faced and discuss how government and social investors can approach the design and implementation of innovative financing for education today.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is the current state-of-play of innovative financing in education? What has been the scale, success and learning from implementing these forms of innovative financing?
  • Have there been any policy developments in the education landscape that have indicated greater interest to enable more private sector capital to be leveraged?
  • How can government, funders, and implementers be true collaborators to each other to address today‚Äôs bottlenecks in scaling the impact of innovative financing mechanisms?


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