Swapnil Shekhar


Swapnil Shekhar is a co-founder of Sambodhi and a member of its board of directors. He leads Sambodhi’s efforts to make quality, actionable data available for evidence-informed decision-making while cultivating a new team of leaders to drive its execution.

An international development practitioner and thought leader, Swapnil has ~15 years of work and consulting experience in development strategies, policy, practice, and management. His extensive area of work covers several practice areas, including clean energy, environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and livelihoods.

Swapnil is passionate about bringing about change through market-led-interventions and a strong advocate of embedding customer (end-user) centricity and appreciating demand-side data as a decision support tool.

Swapnil also leads Sambodhi Analytics, a subsidiary of Sambodhi, invested in creating transformational products and services driven by data intelligence and deep learning. In this role, Swapnil helps shape solutions that can solve the world’s most critical problems through compelling visual narratives and actionable insights.

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