Amit Shah

About Amit Shah
  • Deputy Director, Health Office
  • USAID - India

Dr. Amit Shah is the Deputy Director at USAID, India Health Office. In his current role, he provides strategic leadership to USAID/India’s investments of approx. 40+ million USD (annually), dedicated to improving health outcomes across several high-focus states of India.

Dr. Shah works in close collaboration with Central Ministries, NITI Aayog, Industry associations (CII/FICCI), professional medical associations, academic institutions, funding agencies, state governments, and civil society organizations towards strengthening India’s health systems.

Dr. Shah is a trained clinician, with more than twenty years of experience in the development sector. As a medical professional, he worked for 10+ years in both the public and private sector, in diverse roles and settings across India. In a mid-career shift, he went to the United Kingdom for a Master’s degree in Health Financing from the London School of Economics and worked there as a researcher. In 2009, he returned to India to apply his diverse and yet complementary skill sets to the development sector and has since been based in New Delhi.

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